All About Wood Entry Doors

All About Wood Entry DoorsThere is no type of entry door more elegant than a beautiful wood entry door. Fiberglass doors are created from a mold and steel doors are stamped, leaving little room for custom design. Wood doors, however, are elegant, timeless, and can be custom designed to match your home perfectly and give it just that perfect bit of added character. The one thing about wood doors is that in the past at least, they could warp over time and eventually not fit in their jamb correctly. However, modern doors are made with an engineered wood core and real wood on the outside, eliminating that warping problem (and even bringing the price down a little). Now that wood entry door will last for as long as your home with proper care, of course. At Wholesale Home Improvements we can tell you all about wood entry doors and show you the easy maintenance steps to take care of it.

Okay so now let’s take a look at some specifics. Wood doors come either as a slab or prehung. A prehung door is already set in its jamb and is simply added to the rough framing, usually during construction. A slab is just the door without hinges and is normally used for replacement purposes. Slabs starting out around $150 are quite a bit cheaper than prehung doors at $400, and fancy custom prehung doors can start at around $1500.

The maintenance depends on how much your door is exposed to the elements. Sunlight tops the list as a finish killer, so if your front door receives a lot of sun each day, you will probably have to re-varnish or repaint more often. Generally speaking, though, you should re-varnish once every year or 2 and repaint once every 5 or 6 years. Water is another factor that adversely affects wood doors. A covered porch sufficiently big enough to keep the rain from routinely striking your door will help with that. Plus, if the sill is high enough (about 4 to 6 inches) to keep standing water or snow from piling up in front of the door, that is also a great help in keeping the wood from rotting over time.

Another thing that you should do when deciding on a door is to check the fire codes for your area. Particularly if your area is prone to wildfires, you should look for a fire-rated door. While steel and fiberglass doors have better fire ratings than their wooden cousins, there are some wood doors that are rated to handle up to a 60-minute inferno.

One more factor to consider is the energy efficiency of the door. Wood doors are not as efficient as steel or fiberglass, but with tight weatherstripping, you can help them out a little. Obviously, the main advantage to a wood door is how good it looks and only you can decide which of these factors are important enough to you. But now at least you know all about wood entry doors and can make a more informed decision. Plus, you can always talk to our experts here at Wholesale Home Improvements, and they will be more than happy to answer your questions.

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