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wood windows Wholesale Home Improvements DenverToday, Wholesale Home Improvements shares our expert insight on windows and home architecture. If you’re considering a renovation and want to include new home windows in the process, take a look at the architectural styles below to begin designing your home’s new look with gorgeous new windows.

Spanish Colonial

Thick walls to block out desert heat, rustic exposed beams and arched doorways. The Spanish Colonial style of architecture is easy to spot and especially popular in the Southwest. These informal and often single-story homes can be dressed up or down based on your lifestyle. Window characteristics include:

  • Casement and double-hung styles
  • Small, tall or narrow windows with grilles
  • Arches added to match doorways inside
  • Frame and trim in dark colors for interior contrast
  • French doors also incorporated and match


Reflective of traditional English architectural styles, borrowing from medieval estates and castles as well as more humble homes of everyday folk, a Tudor home is most often asymmetrical so that standard and even oversized bay windows can be positioned to capture the best views. Tudor window characteristics:

  • Bay, bow, transom and casement styles
  • Grilles applied in diamond shapes
  • Tall and narrow with multiple small panes
  • All frame and trim all in deep wood tones 

French Eclectic

This style was brought to the states by soldiers returning from World War I and thus it has an American take on traditional French architecture. It’s a bit of a mix which is why it’s often referred to as “eclectic”. Another similar style is the English Cottage which also borrows from the Tudor. Window features:

  • Casement and double-hung styles
  • Rectangular and vertically positioned
  • Multiple panes and/or grilles applied
  • All frame and trim in more earthy tones
  • Exterior trim can be contrasting color

Queen Anne

Commonly known by the broader term of Victorian, this architectural style is ornate and embellished with details. It often avoids flat exterior walls, instead utilizing bay windows, towers, gables, turrets, curves, overhangs and various cladding materials to decorate wall surfaces. Window elements:

  • Double-hung, bay and bow styles
  • Upper sash utilizes grilles, bottom without
  • Transoms added to front-facing doors/windows
  • Leaded and patterned glass for decoration
  • Contrasting colors on exterior frame and trim

American Farmhouse

A little Colonial and little Victorian, the American Farmhouse has its roots in the Midwest where the style was made popular by settlers and still endures. These boxy homes can be functional with porches used as transitional spaces while their architectural flair borrows from Victorians. For windows:

  • Primarily taller than wide, double-hung windows
  • A 2-over-2 grille pattern traditionally used
  • Accent windows often used in gables and entries
  • Frame and trim in pastels, whites, earthy colors
  • Bay and windows reserved for wealthy owners

If you’re interested in windows and home architecture for styles such as Georgian/Federal, Craftsman, Bungalow, Ranch, and Modern, you can always learn more from the expert team at WHI.

Now that you’re more familiar with windows and home architecture, you can start updating windows with greater confidence. And once you get in touch with Wholesale Home Improvements, we’ll assist you further with finding beautiful, stylized windows at great prices. Call today!

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