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 Which windows are right for your project? There are many items to consider when choosing the right windows for your home. Many homeowners may list cost as their number one concern when deciding which windows to purchase for their remodeling project. One important thing to consider is when the costs will accumulate.  While you may save money up front with a more inexpensive window, a higher grade window can save on utility bills over the long term.
While some of the least expensive windows, often referred to as builders grade, have lifetime warranties, a higher grade window will pay for itself in the long run.  Higher grade windows tend to have a better insulation level or (or “R” Level) and deteriorate less rapidly than lower grades.  Be aware however, that poorly constructed windows can seem as functional as a higher quality window when new because it’s difficult to tell the difference by appearances only.  This leads to a common problem where the homeowner replaces a drafty old window with another sub-standard product leading to wasted time and money.  
Be sure you buy what suits your needs the best. If you have questions about which windows are right for you, call Wholesale Home Improvements today at 303-215-0475.

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