Window Glass Is Not Like Other Glass

The average homeowner shopping for windows often begins the process thinking that glass is glass. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that all window glass is made equal. Talk to any reputable company like Wholesale Home Improvements in Denver about window installation, and they will tell you that home window glass options do matter.

Different glass options will give you better performance depending on the climate in which you live, the amount of security that you are looking for, and your particular energy efficiency desires. Read on to learn a bit more about the options that are available, but remember you can always talk to one of our experts to get your questions clearly answered and make a fully informed decision about which type of window glass to buy.


The environment in which you live makes a significant impact on the type of windows you should consider. In a moderate climate that doesn’t usually experience extreme temperatures, double pane glass windows are usually sufficient. If you want to button up your home well, you can choose to pay extra for a triple pane option, and we can help you decide if the extra expense is worth it. If you live in an extreme climate, then you should consider purchasing triple pane windows.


Home window glass options do matter if you are concerned about break-ins and are looking for that extra bit of peace of mind, laminated glass is an excellent option. You will pay a bit more for it, but you really can’t put a price on keeping your family safe.


Emissivity refers to how easily heat can pass through the glass. Windows coated with a metallic low-E (emissivity) coating reflect back heat waves and do not allow them to pass easily through the glass. Which type of metal you choose of course affects how effective the coating is.


There are several options for gasses that you can have between the window panes. Gasses like Argon and Krypton that are denser than air are more effective at insulating, making them good options to further slow the transfer of heat through the glass.


The type of spacers that are used to maintain a separation between the panes of glass also affect the window’s overall energy efficiency. Many times these spacers are made of metals like aluminum or steel, which unfortunately are conductive and do lose a bit of heat. But there are other options for less conductive material to give your windows the maximum efficiency.

Whenever you are considering new windows, you should always talk to reputable experts because home window glass options do matter. Here at Wholesale Home Improvements we have over 108 years of combined experience, so we really are experts. We’ll give you the perfect advice on what type of window glass is best in your particular situation. Every house and every budget are different, but the right person on the job will bring about exactly the results that you are looking for. Give us a call today for your free quote from Wholesale Home Improvements and to get started on your new window replacement project.

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