When to Replace Your Home Siding

fiber siding Wholesale Home Improvements DenverToday, Wholesale Home Improvements in Denver has some tips on when to replace your home siding. Siding shields our homes against everything from the weather, wind, rain, snow, ice, and sunshine, to exploring animals. But replacing the siding on your home is a substantial investment, so you want to be sure that it’s truly necessary before taking that step.

So, let the team at Wholesale Home Improvements assist you in deciding when to replace your home siding. We’ll help you find the right balance between necessity and budget.

Hail Damage

Hail season has arrived, so be on the lookout for storms wreaking havoc on your home siding. If you have previous hail damage, dents, cracks, and chipping, it might be time to replace your siding this year.

Faded Siding

If your home siding is faded, it has already begun to deteriorate and will not protect your home as well as when it was new. Our experts can help you pick something new, even something more durable.

Loose Siding

Poor initial installation, damage from the elements (especially wind), or your home may be settling can cause loose siding. For whatever reason, now may be an excellent time to replace it.


Excess heat and moisture exposure will lead to a bubbling or blistering effect. Replace the areas affected and you should be good to go. Widespread issues may require a full siding replacement.


Cracked siding is an invitation for trouble. It will inevitably lead to more problems for your home. Replace all areas with cracking siding to curb water leaks, animal intrusions, and more problems.

Damage from Wildlife

Wildlife can damage wooden siding easiest. But as noted above, any cracks or holes in siding is an invitation for critters including squirrels, insects, rodents and even woodpeckers to enter.

Dry Rot

Caused by a fungus, dry rot will eat away at your siding, especially in moist areas. You don’t want this problem. Instead, replace the entire area affected by dry rot and say adios to more problems.

Paint or Wallpaper Peeling Indoors

Any signs of peeling paint or wallpaper peeling off of the walls inside of your home is a massive indicator that moisture is entering the house via the siding.

No More Staining

Wood siding requires constant upkeep such as re-staining. If you are tired of it, consider replacing your home siding with a low-maintenance option like vinyl.


If your home siding is an outdated color and you’re tired of its retro vibe, it’s time to replace the siding. With the selection of siding colors and options nearly endless, you’ll have fun picking out a new look.

High Energy Costs

If you notice that your energy consumption charges are getting higher and higher, it could be that your home’s insulation is to blame. Replacing the siding will make a big difference for the better in this area.


If you are adding a new room on to your home, this is a great time to get a quote for re-siding the entire home. This way, everything flows and looks beautifully matched while adding to a home’s resale value.

Let the helpful service team at Wholesale Home Improvements guide you on when to replace your home siding. Our friendly staff is eager to offer everything needed regarding all siding and window options in Colorado. Call us today.

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