Double hung windows at wholesale prices

What’s so great about double-hung windows?

If you already have them in place, you’ll know. In fact, double-hung windows are the most common window choice for homes across our country. If you haven’t yet installed them, here are two keys as to why they are a great choice…

# These windows are much easier to clean than many other types. Double-hung windows benefit from having two sashes in a single frame, providing a choice of top or bottom ventilation. Recent models add a tilt-out feature making an inside and out clean so much easier.

# They are compatible with the needs of window air-con units. If you are having a portable AC unit installed, they slide right down onto it so easily.

If you want to know more about these and other great window choices, then Wholesale Home Improvements are a highly-respected Denver window company with over a century of combined experience to put at your service.

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