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Vinyl Windows: Do They Have A Place In Your Home?

vinyl windowsA home loses anywhere from 25%–30% of residential heating and cooling through its windows.

That means that over a quarter of your monthly bill goes towards heating or cooling air that escapes your house. Energy efficient windows can help put that money back in your pocket.

But which kind of replacement windows should you choose? Read on to learn all about vinyl windows and why they might be a good option for your home.

What are Vinyl Windows?

They have been around since the late 1950s, but back then vinyl windows would sag or fade over time. Nowadays, vinyl frames are long-lasting, durable, and environmentally friendly.

These windows consist of PVC, a common building material used for various industries. Vinyl comes in a series of grades such as recycled or pure vinyl.

Pure vinyl is more durable than recycled vinyl, which can impact the longevity of your windows.

There are many reasons why people install vinyl window framing in their homes. Here are some of the top benefits.


One of the biggest reasons why people choose this type of window material is that they are economical.

Vinyl windows are budget-friendly options compared to fiberglass or wood windows. Yet, even with vinyl windows, there can be a wide range of prices.

Cheap windows from discount manufacturers and big box stores will likely last a very short amount of time before you run into problems with the seal and could lead to early replacement.

Keep in mind that vinyl windows are not all crafted the same. The construction, quality, and materials can vary. Always research your window manufacturer to be sure that you are paying for quality products.

Here at Wholesale Home Improvements, we can certainly point you in the right direction.

Energy Efficient

If your home has old windows, replacing them with new vinyl windows can potentially save you money on your utility bills.

Many vinyl windows are Energy Star Rated. This means that they are more efficient than the industry standard. Look for the Energy Star sticker on your windows to save money on your monthly energy bill.

Easy to Maintain

Vinyl windows are super easy to take care of. All you have to do is clean them! Several different types swing inside so that cleaning both sides of the glass is a breeze.

Traditional wood windows require constant maintenance. You need to sand, paint, stain, caulk and clean the windows. And they are susceptible to water damage that leads to mold and rot.

But, this isn’t the case for vinyl. No matter the weather, your vinyl window framing will not peel, rot, chip or fade. You won’t need to repaint, scrape or stain your windows each spring.

Vinyl windows are scratch resistant and still look like new after years. You won’t be able to tell the age of a vinyl window by looking at it.

Window cleaner, soap and water, and a cloth are all you need to keep your vinyl windows looking great.

Exceptional Warranties

The warranty you can get on your vinyl windows depends on the manufacturer. However, it isn’t uncommon to have lifetime or even double lifetime warranties on your windows.

Most of the time, the warranty transfers to the new owners if you sell your home. This can be a huge selling feature if you decide to sell down the line.

Greener Than Most

Vinyl windows are a good choice for the environment. They are recyclable which reduces the amount of waste that sits in a landfill for hundreds of years.

Plus, because vinyl windows last longer than wood, fiberglass, or aluminum windows, you won’t have to replace them quickly. That makes vinyl windows a green option for your home.

Long Lasting with Excellent Insulation

Vinyl window frames are UV-resistant. So even if you get full sunlight all day long, your windows won’t get bleached by the sun. The special coating on the vinyl window frames let UV rays pass through to preserve the vinyl coating.

These windows are also non-corroding, so they look as good as new years later.

Vinyl windows are welded at the seam. This prevents water and air from getting into the house and causing you to need to replace your windows again.

Plenty of Options

Another great thing about vinyl windows is that there are so many options to choose from to match your home’s decor.

There are more color options for vinyl windows than for other types of windows. Plus, you can choose any style of window that you want such as pictures, sliders, single or double-hung windows and so on.

Whatever your home’s architectural style and color theme, there is a perfect vinyl option for you.

Simple Installation

The great thing about this window material is that they are simple to install. Especially when you are replacing existing windows with new vinyl ones.

Because of the ease of installation, contractors will potentially charge you a lot less per installed window. Plus, you won’t have a big renovation mess in your home for days on end.

Installing vinyl windows is quick and painless. If you need new windows but don’t want to turn your home into a construction zone, they can be a great choice.

Can You Paint Vinyl Windows?

Homeowners often wonder if they can paint their vinyl windows if they want to update the look of their house.

Always consult your window’s manufacturer before modifying them. It’s important to know that if you paint your windows, you could void your warranty. Without the warranty, you will be responsible for any costs due to repair or replacement in the future.

If you decide to proceed and paint your vinyl windows, you’ll need to use a primer. Otherwise, the paint will flake off the windows right away.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, vinyl windows are an excellent choice for your home. They are durable, long-lasting, maintenance-free, affordable and easy to install.

Next, learn about choosing energy-efficient windows for your home to save money on your energy bills.

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