Is It Time to Repair or Replace Your Old Windows?

is it time to repair or replace your old windowsHow do you decide is it time to repair or replace your old windows? The professionals at Wholesale Home Improvements have this information to offer. With our almost 25 years of experience with windows and other home improvement projects in the Metro Denver area, we are certainly qualified to help you decide.

The idea of new windows is certainly an appealing one. When you replace your windows, you get to pick out a fresh style for your home. If you have any foggy windows, you get to swap them out for a crystal-clear view of the great outdoors. Then, of course, there’s all the money you will save on your energy bills with modern, energy efficient windows. Plus, even if your windows are only a few years old you could see improvements in function, like smoother opening and closing, less maintenance and easier cleaning.

It might seem that there is no downside to getting new windows. Installation, when handled by professionals, is quick and easy and shouldn’t be too much of an inconvenience. Well, the downside comes when talking about your wallet. It is true that new windows can often save you lots of money on energy bills over the long term (particularly if your current windows are pretty old or single paned) but the upfront investment can be significant, and that’s where you have to decide if it’s worth it or not.

So, to help decide is it time to repair or replace your old windows, here are a few questions you can ask yourself. And, of course, don’t forget that you can talk to our friendly staff for a bit of honest advice.

Are Your Current Windows Working Properly?

There are a number of indications showing whether your windows are (or aren’t) working as they should be. Let’s take a look: 

  • Ease of Use

Are you able to open and close them easily or do you find yourself shying away from opening them on a warm spring day because they are such a hassle?

  • Maintenance Level

Older, painted wood windows require periodic repainting; otherwise, they can begin to warp and rot. More modern vinyl, aluminum, or composite materials are a great option to cut down on this undesirable chore. 

  • Condensation

Do you find that water droplets are condensing on your windows regularly? You may even find that the trim is getting soaked and cloudiness is significantly limiting your view. Modern windows with high-efficiency glass generally eliminate these types of problems. 

  • Storm Windows

Do your current windows require storm windows? If they do, how much do you mind the work that goes into cleaning, maintaining, and putting up/taking them down? Also, inspect the storm windows themselves as they may need replacing also.

  • Cleaning

Newer models are specifically designed to make cleaning a breeze. Do you find that cleaning your old windows is a real pain and a new model would be a welcome relief?

Do Your Current Windows Maintain Your Home Comfortably?

Single pane windows are not very good at regulating temperature. Therefore, rooms may feel drafty and cold during the winter (especially near the windows themselves) and stuffy and warm during the summer. Newer, more energy efficient double pane windows drastically cut down on this type of discomfort. They also help tremendously with condensation problems and give you the ability to maintain the level of humidity inside your home at a comfortable level without fogging up the windows. 

Is it Worth it to Repair Your Old Windows?

Repairing your current windows will cost you significantly less money than replacing all of your windows. So, if you have decided that something needs to be done about your windows, you will now have to decide if repairing your current windows is sufficient or if they are in bad enough shape to justify the expense of replacing them instead. Let’s look at what constitutes major issues that call for replacement over reparation. 

  • Rot

Once wood windows have begun to rot it is complicated to stop the progression. Plus, even if you just try to replace the affected area and make them work you will have to perform constant maintenance to keep the wood from continuing to rot away.

  • Sagging Casement Windows

If it’s just that the crank mechanism seems to be worn out on your casement windows, you can get away with replacing it and continuing on your merry way. But if the hinges are bent or worn, you would be better off replacing the window in its entirety.

  • Fogged Up Double Pane Glass

This is different than condensation in that it happens between the two layers of glass in a double pane glass window. This ‘s hard to get rid of and replacing the glass is the only repair option. It’s not a cheap job, and by the time you get done paying for the glass replacement, a new window altogether may end up making more sense.

  • Ease of Finding Replacement Parts

This depends solely on the model of windows currently installed in your home. Check with us, and we can help you find out the availability of parts for your model windows. Even if they aren’t readily available in a store or showroom, parts can often be found online inexpensively. If they prove to be difficult or impossible to find, new windows may be your only option.

If you’ve ever wondered is it time to repair or replace your old windows, hopefully, this article has helped you determine which is your best option. If you are still on the fence about which is best, feel free to talk to a knowledgeable representative from Wholesale Home Improvements. We are a locally owned and operated company that has been dedicated to serving our neighbors in the Metro Denver area for almost 25 years. We’ll help you pick out the replacement parts or replacement windows and perform the installation quickly and efficiently, so you can get back to enjoying the view.  

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