This year, the federal government is offering a tax credit on windows that meet Energy Star standards of heat efficiency.  When you buy new windows or patio doors that will help keep your home warmer, you can receive ten percent of the purchase price of your windows as a tax credit, up to two hundred dollars for windows or skylights, and five hundred for exterior doors such as patios.   Wholesale Home Improvement in Denver carries many types of qualifying windows,  so you can have your choice of beautiful, functional window designs expertly installed that will help you to save on your heat bills and make you eligible for the window tax credit.  

Wholesale Home Improvement offers lower prices on many models than other companies, with no sacrifice of quality of materials or workmanship.   We take great pride in the satisfaction of our customers, and have helped many of them get the tax credit on their windows
This program only runs through the end of this calendar year, so only windows installed by the 31st of December, 2011 will qualify for the Window Tax Credit.  Call Wholesale Home Improvement in Denver today to schedule your in home consultation, or with any questions you may  have about the tax credit on windows

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