Steel Siding for Contractors in Denver

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The thought of steel siding might conjure up images of some dilapidated corrugated steel shack that you might see rusting away in the field of an abandoned farm. However, today’s steel siding has become one of the more durable and easy to maintain products. Just a quick wash every now and again, and you’ll keep it looking like new.

Of all the different exterior siding choices available to homeowners and contractors today, steel siding stands out for its excellent value. Properly installed and sealed steel siding repels moisture rather than absorbing it. It doesn’t support mold or mildew growth; nor will it succumb to moisture damage. Steel is also resistant to termites, ants and every homeowner’s worst nightmare, fire. As for our weather here in Denver and the Front Range, a high quality steel siding (not aluminum) will stand up to big hits from hail.

Steel siding also comes in a variety of colors and styles, including simulated wood. It’s been designed to look great for numerous years, retaining its original color even after exposure to the extreme elements that we see here in Colorado. As a homeowner, you get all of this impressive performance without requiring any maintenance. Materials and installation are your only expense.

Last but not least, steel is a sustainable siding product that’s manufactured using pre and post-consumer recycled materials. Steel siding can also be recycled 40+ years down the road when it’s replaced.

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Give Steel a Try with WHI

Whether you’re a homeowner or contractor, steel siding can be a great product to use on your next project or build. Get in touch with our experts at Wholesale Home Improvements and let us introduce you to the exciting world of steel siding. You’ll love how it looks today and for decades to come.