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Used for both residential and commercial applications, fiber cement siding is a composite material that is extremely versatile. Made of cement, sand and typically a recycled wood-fiber waste product, it’s a great siding option if you want to build green. And because it lasts so long, it’s not likely to end up in a landfill anytime soon – even then, it’s made of inert materials, so it shouldn’t impact the environment.

Here are a few more advantages to choosing fiber cement siding:

  • Impact Resistant – Fiber cement siding is durable and will easily stand up to Colorado’s hail storms. It’s also moisture resistant and unlike vinyl, won’t shift or come loose from high winds.
  • No Rot or Pests – Because it’s moisture resistant, fiber cement won’t rot and require a full replacement. Plus, termites and other wood-loving pests will be zero threat.
  • Easy to Paint – Fiber cement doesn’t expand and contract like vinyl, ensuring better paint adhesion and no chipping and flaking. That means less maintenance and costs.
  • Fireproof – While it contains wood materials, fiber cement siding provides the highest level of fire protection. It’s an ideal choice if you live in an area prone to brush and wild fires.
  • Looks Great – This siding provides a wood look in a variety of styles: boards, shakes and panels. While a uniform wood-like grain may give it away, nobody will be inspecting it that closely.
Fiber cement siding contractor

Some things for contractors to consider when installing fiber cement siding include avoiding toxicity issues and providing added support to reinforce its heavier weight. The added weight will also be a factor in cost as it’s heavier than other options like vinyl siding, making shipping more expensive.

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