double2Are you looking at your home and thinking that maybe it is about time to start researching your best options for replacement windows? Windows don’t last forever and in order to have the best view of the great outdoors along with the benefits of an energy efficient home you should buy replacement windows once in a while. How often depends on the quality of the windows. If you plan on living in your home for quite a long period of time it is a good idea to purchase higher quality replacement windows so you can extend their life as much as possible and really get your money’s worth. With all the different types and styles of windows out there it can be a bit confusing as to which windows you should buy, but here at Wholesale Home Improvements we are happy to explain everything and we try to make it as easy as possible to understand each different kind of window and which will fill your particular needs. We also make it our commitment to sell you the right kind of replacement windows without talking you into something you don’t need or, conversely, talking up a product that won’t meet up to your expectations.

As we already mentioned, the amount of time that you plan to live in the home factors into the type of replacement windows that you should buy. The reason is as follows. There are three grades of windows available–low, medium and high grade. Low performance windows are often used in new constructions to help keep costs down as the investment generally recoups in less than two years. However, of course, the downside is that they are not that durable and will not perform well in the long term. Medium performance windows strike a nice balance. They are not super expensive and the investment recoups in about seven years but they are durable and long-lasting and do a nice job with energy efficiency and saving some dollars on heating bills. High performance windows are the cream of the crop. They are the most expensive and require more than 7 years to fully recoup the investment but in return they are very effective windows. They are more artistic and will add touches of character to your home completely lacking in less expensive windows plus the insulating power of these windows makes them highly energy efficient. As an added bonus they block 98% of UV radiation. To the untrained eye these types of windows can be very hard to tell apart and companies know that the average person may not be able to tell the difference and may try to sell you low performance windows at high performance prices. Be wary and choose a trustworthy company like Wholesale Home Improvements to help you pick the perfect grade replacement windows for your home.

Another aspect to keep in mind when choosing replacement windows is to understand the climate in which you live and the effect that it will have on your windows. There are several styles of windows and they each have their advantages and disadvantages in relation to wind and other climatic factors. Understanding what those factors are will help you decide which is best for your wants and location. First of all, hung and slider windows are very cost effective and therefore very popular. You can probably picture one now. They are the type that open up-and-down or side-to-side. However, if they are not reinforced properly or not built with a high wind rating you can end up losing a lot on the energy efficiency side of things over the long term. If you live in a really windy area, it may be a good idea to purchase fixed, or picture windows instead. These windows do not open so they offer the highest insulation factor, however they are more difficult to clean and you don’t have the option to open them up and let in the fresh air on warm, sunny days. There is a third option that splits the difference between the other two types. Casement windows employ a crank to open and close. The extra moving parts drives up the cost a bit but the windows are more durable than the hung and slider styles and improve insulation rather than degrading it. Plus, you still get the added benefit of being able to open them when the weather permits. The right replacement windows expert can help you understand the differences and how they affect your home in its particular location. Of course, here at Wholesale Home Improvements,  our staff has been advising homeowners on their windows for over 20 years so our expertise really is invaluable.

grillsOnce you have all the technical decisions out of the way you can now set about the fun part of choosing your new replacement windows. In addition to our wide variety of standard windows Wholesale Home Improvements also offers a fun selection of bow, bay and garden windows to further spruce up the effect. Additionally, you can choose what color you would like the frame to be and other added details such as decorative grilles that can go either between the glass, just on the inside or just on the outside of the window. Keep in mind that where the grille goes will affect the ease of cleaning and maintenance later on but the point is that you get to choose the look that you want especially for your home! We also can provide custom windows in different shapes such as circular, triangular, octagonal, or any other random shape that you may have only ever seen in your high school math book. This is where replacement windows really start to get fun and you can add anything from a splash of quirkiness to touch of sheer elegance depending on the shape and color that you choose. If you know what feel you are going for, but not exactly how to achieve it, no worries! Just tell one of the professionals at Wholesale Home Improvements what you are looking for and they can help you create the look that you want.

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