Specialty Windows in Denver

Wholesale Home Improvements, Denver, Colorado

Depending on how much light you want in your home or business, Wholesale Home Improvements can point you in the right direction, including specialty windows and custom options. Here are just a few ideas to add both light and style to your space.

Garden Windows

Garden windows add beauty and comfort to any room in your home. They make an ideal showcase, adding another dimension to a kitchen, powder room or any room. Display a collection of plants or other decorative items in this glass-enclosed curio.

Special Shapes

Replacement windows can come in a multitude of different shapes from round to triangular. With all the different options available, you can customize your windows to match your home’s style. Request a free consultation and we’ll walk through your space to advise you on the best size and shape for your needs.

Transom Windows

These decorative accents are typically installed above interior and exterior doors to break up the space, showcase high ceilings or simply to create an interesting feature. They can also be installed above other windows and come in all shapes, with a semi-circle being the most common.

Arched Windows

A stylish change from a big square or rectangular window, arched windows are often installed over your standard windows for a more dramatic look. They can accent sliding or casement, even mimic the view from a picture window. The possibilities are up to your imagination!

Garden windows in Denver
Picture windows sizes and shapes are endless

Ask Us About Specialty Windows

Wholesale Home Improvements is here help you find the best specialty windows to complement your home’s style and architecture. We’ll even provide a licensed installer to keep your project on track. To get started with a free, no obligation quote, get in touch with our window experts today.