Sliding Windows in Denver

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As a replacement window, durable, horizontal sliding windows brighten up just about any room in your home and open easily without taking up any exterior or interior space. They have a clean, contemporary look and work well in areas next to walkways, patios or other places where you wouldn’t want a window (such as an awning or casement window) to protrude.

Sliding windows work great in any room, including over your kitchen counters and sinks. You may even find them easier and faster to open than crank-style casement windows. However, this style will need exterior cleaning, which can be a challenge in the winter and if you have a two-story home or building.

This window comes in both a single and double-slider. A double allows you to open either one or the other side of the sash, giving you a little variety in breeze direction. However, you will still only be able to open half the window at a time. Sliding windows are also not compatible with window AC units, and will likely require you to hire a professional to install one if your home gets hot during the summer.

If you need an egress window in your basement rental unit, sliding is an option. You will need a pretty large sliding window to fulfill fire codes properly, but in the process will bring a flood of natural light into your space, which will make it all the more attractive to prospective tenants.

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If you plan to replace your windows with sliding windows, there are a number of styles, materials and options that go into maximizing your light and the look of your home. Contact the experts at Wholesale Home Improvements, and we’ll walk you through everything and even provide a no obligation quote.