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An egress window provides an emergency means of exiting a building. They need to be operable from the inside and provide a clear opening without the use of tools or keys. And they’re required by law in dwelling units and every sleeping room including basements.

That means, every bedroom in your home and even the rental unit in your basement must have egress windows. If you own or manage an apartment building, your basement through third floor units must have egress windows. And to qualify, they must meet specific code requirements, including the quantity, size, location, height off the floor and the window-well size, depending on your location.

Here are the current egress window codes for Denver (subject to change):

  • Maximum height from the floor to the top of the sill: 44 inches
  • Minimum net clear height: 24 inches
  • Minimum net clear width: 20 inches
  • Minimum net clear opening: 5.7 square feet

For basement apartments with a window well, the minimum horizontal area must be 9 square feet with a minimum horizontal projection and width of 3 feet. The well must also allow the egress window to be fully opened without obstruction and the ladder or steps out of the well cannot encroach more than 6 inches into its dimensions.

As you can imagine, egress windows are very important when remodeling or adding a rental unit. During an inspection, you will not pass if you’re short by even half an inch. Your contractor and window installer must abide by these codes the first time to ensure you don’t waste time or money on a redo.

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