Double-Hung Windows in Denver

Wholesale Home Improvements, Denver, Colorado

A versatile option that works with both traditional and modern-style buildings, double-hung windows from Wholesale Home Improvements come with two advantages over other styles: they’re easier to clean and compatible with window AC units. It’s no wonder that the double-hung is currently the most common window type for homes in the United States.

Double-hung windows have two sashes in a single frame that slide up or down to provide either top or bottom ventilation. Newer models also provide tilt-out uppers and lowers allow you to clean both inside and out, all at once. And that means you won’t need to climb a ladder in the middle of a Colorado winter just to clean the outside of your windows. Plus, if your home doesn’t have central air installed, double-hung windows slide down onto a portable AC unit for a quick and easy installation.

Double-hung windows come with a variety of rich features and in an extensive selection of styles:

  • Wood, vinyl, or a combination materials
  • Variety of shapes, highly customizable
  • High performance weather-stripping
  • Variety of hardware
  • Variety of grille designs

When deciding where to use double-hung windows, make sure it’s in an area where you can easily reach the top to make opening and closing easy. They can also be a great choice for nurseries and children’s rooms as you can open the top for ventilation while keeping the bottom safely closed.

New replacement windows with transoms increase style
Double hung windows with custom trim add elegance to your home

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