Awning windows allow for ventilation and protections from the rain

Precautions to take when cleaning windows

Windows should not only provide adequate insulation but also protect you and your home from adverse weather conditions. As such, they require regular cleaning since they can stain and tarnish easily. Cleaning your own windows may seem easy enough, but it is important to ensure you take the following precautions.

  • Never use any harsh abrasives on your windows since they can leave behind scratch marks.
  • When using ammonia and acid cleaners, ensure that the frame and wood surrounding your windows are covered.
  • Use acid cleaners only on tough spots.

If your windows are old and inefficient, you may decide it’s time to invest in new ones that are more flattering, energy-efficient and easier to clean. Wholesale Home Improvements is a window and siding company in Denver. Call us today to get quality window services.

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