You may not realize how much heat you can lose through inefficient patio doors. Especially if they are severely worn, or made of aluminum, those doors are raising your heating costs considerably. We offer high quality vinyl patio doors in Denver so that you can have better insulation through the winter. All of our windows and doors are energy star rated, meaning that they meet a high standard of efficiency and allow for less temperature transfer than many other doors.
Wholesale Home Improvement offers these excellent quality doors and windows from major manufacturers at discount prices by keeping our overhead lower than many other window dealers, and you will not find better service and installation at any price.  Having excellent quality windows and patio doors that are installed poorly is just as bad as having poor quality ones that are well fit, and with us, you don’t have to worry about either of those, because you will get amazing deals on great patio doors and windows  installed to the highest standard to allow no cracks or other opportunities for drafts.   
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