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Double hung windows at wholesale

5 great reasons for considering double-hung windows

It’s a term that’s now so common here in the US, that it’s easy to assume everybody knows exactly what double-hung windows offer. If you are not completely sure, here are just five of their key benefits… Their versatility means they are great choices for both modern and traditional-style homes Double-hung windows are compatible with…
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Insulated Vinyl Siding profiles to match your style

Why is vinyl siding such a popular choice?

There is a range of positives that encourage homeowners to make this choice. It’s been around for over half-a-century now, and one key reason for its popularity is that it is one of the lower cost sidings options, although it’s wise to be aware that there are some inferior products out there. Added to this…
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Custom picture windows with transoms let in more light

Let there be light!

It’s more noticeable during darker winter days. The amount of natural light that can currently find its way into your living room, study or den. We take it for granted during the summer, and really miss it when it’s so much reduced. One way of maximizing the amount of light in any room is to…
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Save money with new efficient windows

Remodeling your house? Don’t neglect your windows!

Home remodeling can be a complicated venture, especially when various areas are being reconstructed. During these situations, homeowners sometimes forget one of the most important aspects of their property: the windows. Think of your family’s life as a moving painting: the right type of frame accentuates the events within this painting, making it richer, fuller,…
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Insulated siding replacement contractor

Why composite wood siding is the preferable choice

Wood has been the most preferred material for siding for many years. Composite hardwood siding is becoming the more popular choice, as window companies continue to use materials that provide as much value as original wood without the cost and maintenance. Composite hardwood is preferred due to its reliability, availability, and light-weight nature. Modern building…
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Environmentally friendly siding contractor Denver Colorado

Benefits of siding

Siding is vital for your home as it acts as the first line of defense against weather elements. Replacing and repairing your siding is, thus, essential to protect your house from outside elements that may make their way into the interior. Siding replacement also improves your home’s curb appeal, making it stand out and increases…
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Save money with new efficient windows

4 ways replacing your windows could help to sell your home

Replacing your windows with a reputable Denver window company could help your property to sell quicker. Here’s how: New windows could update your property’s look and dramatically improve its appearance. They will reduce external noise such as passing traffic, which will make the property more appealing to those who would prefer not to live near…
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Choosing the right vinyl windows

5 benefits of new windows for your home

Window technology is advancing, and you need to update your home to be in sync with the times. If your windows are fogging or have frames and sills that are rotting, you need to contact a Denver window company in Colorado. There are many other benefits of new windows including: They are energy-saving, meaning that…
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Replace broken windows with new vinyl windows

Thinking of hiring a contractor for your home project?

To make sure you make a wise choice, here are some warning signs… A request for an extensive deposit, or full payment, up-front and in cash A lack of available customer references to back up satisfaction claims Unwillingness to supply paperwork showing insurance and license information No clear written bid covering all terms and labor…
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Pella replacement window installer

Advantages of hiring professional window installation service

Windows are one of the essential parts of your house. While some homeowners may take it lightly, window installation and replacement require a lot of skills and experience. If not done right, such simple projects may result in costly consequences. Therefore, if you are planning to install or renovate your windows, it is always good…
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Wholesale patio door installation

Are your patio doors up to another winter?

Sadly, it’s often true for us humans that, as years pass, winters can become just that little bit harder to bear. The same might well be true of your patio doors, if they too have had years of being battered and blasted by the harsh seasonal climate. Older patio doors, whether sliding or hinged, can…
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Wood patio doors upgrade the look of your home

The feeling of beautiful French patio doors

French patio doors have been featured as a dramatic staple in many romantic movies. They bring in sunlight, a long lost love, or a fresh breeze. In real life, they do the same. Let’s look at how French patio doors can benefit your home on a more emotional level. They can bring in sunlight Studies…
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