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Enlarge your picture windows with replacement windows

Common types of window damage

Window damage makes your home susceptible to outside elements, which can affect the safety of your home. Therefore, identifying the type of window damage you have is vital in determining whether you need a full replacement or repair. Here are some common types of window damage. Cracked, shattered, or chipped windows Windows that are difficult…
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Wholesale clapboard siding Denver co

Factors to consider when choosing siding

Selecting siding for your home is an important decision since it protects your home against weather elements and improves curb appeal. However, many homeowners find it difficult to choose the right siding due to the various options in the market. To find the perfect siding for your house, you need to consider several factors including:…
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Awning windows allow for ventilation and protections from the rain

Precautions to take when cleaning windows

Windows should not only provide adequate insulation but also protect you and your home from adverse weather conditions. As such, they require regular cleaning since they can stain and tarnish easily. Cleaning your own windows may seem easy enough, but it is important to ensure you take the following precautions. Never use any harsh abrasives…
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Environmentally friendly siding contractor Denver Colorado

Signs your house needs new siding

Siding is an essential investment in improving the aesthetic value of your home. However, despite its importance, most people overlook siding when carrying out home improvements. Here are a few signs it is time to replace your siding. Cracking or warping on your siding. Faded paint. You are consuming a lot more energy than usual…
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Denver Colorado wholesale windows and doors

Things to know before replacing your windows

As a homeowner, you may have considered replacing your old windows due to various reasons, e.g. damage by storms, or to enhance aesthetic appeal. However, you need to assess your options before choosing to replace them. Before replacing your windows, you should consider the following: Can your old windows be repaired by a professional? A…
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Environmentally friendly siding contractor Denver Colorado

How to clean your vinyl siding

Currently, many homeowners prefer vinyl siding to wood siding since it does not get damaged the same way wood does. However, it can still crack or puncture, hence the importance of regular maintenance and careful cleaning. Vinyl siding should be washed with a soft piece of cloth or brush with soft bristles. When cleaning, it’s…
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Affordable windows to match your home style

Different materials to use for your windows

Windows play a huge role in protecting your family and home against harsh weather elements. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that you select the best material for your windows. The most commonly used window materials are listed below: Aluminum: a durable material that does not react in the presence of various atmospheric conditions. Wood: the…
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Wholesale windows and doors Denver Colorado

Save energy, money, and more by replacing old windows

An older home has charm and personality. Windows are a large part of the appeal. However, older windows are notorious energy wasters. Due to their construction and materials, they just can’t insulate as well as newer windows. In addition, they tend to let in more noise from busy streets. Contacting a window company to replace…
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Replace damaged siding with durable new siding

Keep your vinyl siding looking new, naturally!

Vinyl siding is durable and easy to maintain, which makes it an ideal choice for your Denver-area home. But did you know that there’s an easy and natural way to maintain a brand-new look, all-year-round? White vinegar is highly effective at dissolving mold and removing tough stains. It’s environmentally friendly and much cheaper than renting…
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Double hung windows at wholesale

5 great reasons for considering double-hung windows

It’s a term that’s now so common here in the US, that it’s easy to assume everybody knows exactly what double-hung windows offer. If you are not completely sure, here are just five of their key benefits… Their versatility means they are great choices for both modern and traditional-style homes Double-hung windows are compatible with…
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Insulated Vinyl Siding profiles to match your style

Why is vinyl siding such a popular choice?

There is a range of positives that encourage homeowners to make this choice. It’s been around for over half-a-century now, and one key reason for its popularity is that it is one of the lower cost sidings options, although it’s wise to be aware that there are some inferior products out there. Added to this…
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Custom picture windows with transoms let in more light

Let there be light!

It’s more noticeable during darker winter days. The amount of natural light that can currently find its way into your living room, study or den. We take it for granted during the summer, and really miss it when it’s so much reduced. One way of maximizing the amount of light in any room is to…
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