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 There are four basic window designs, and due to the regional climate differences, no single type is suitable for all homes.

Hung and Slider windows open down-to-up or side-to-side respectively.  Easy to operate with few moving parts, they are some of the most common window styles due to their cost effectiveness.  They can suffer from excessive heat loss if not constructed with a high wind rating or reinforced properly.
Casement windows, otherwise known as awning or hopper windows use a crank to open and close.  Generally, casement windows have a higher cost due to more moving parts but are sturdier and can withstand wind better as it can actually reinforce the window’s insulation instead of degrading it.
Fixed, or picture windows, offer the greatest insulation value due to their fixed position.  Because of this, cleaning may be more difficult than with other window styles.
Regardless of which style of windows works best for you, it is important to make sure that the windows have the best insulation value possible, often with the assistance of Low-E coating on the panes or the injection of argon gas between them.  Since it is important that the window fits snugly against the frame, make sure that the measurements are as accurate as possible.  Sometimes installers can order a window that is much smaller than the frame just to be sure that it fits.  Wholesale Home Improvements will send out the same installation professional to measure and install the window, eliminating confusion and ensuring that the largest possible window the opening will accommodate is installed.
Contact Wholesale Home Improvements at 303-215-0475. We can help you make window decisions by offering you a FREE no obligation quote.  Buying windows for your home is an important investment that you’ll only want to do once.  Ask a lot of questions and do it right the first time.

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