In order to encourage people to be more energy efficient, the government has been offering an energy tax credit on windows and doors.   All windows, skylights and exterior doors such as patios that qualify for Energy Star Ratings are eligible for a tax credit of 10 percent up to 200 dollars for windows and five hundred for doors.  Many of the windows available at Wholesale Home Improvements in Denver are Energy Star certified, and therefore are eligible for the energy tax credit.    
We have qualifying windows in all sorts of styles, so whether you are looking for slider windows, casements or a glorious picture window, you’ll find energy tax credit qualifying windows to fit your home’s style.   We also offer high quality skilled installation of all the windows we sell, to help you get the full insulating benefit of your new windows by making sure they are installed snugly and with no air leaks.
The energy tax credit on windows is a great chance for you to receive a government incentive to make your home heating costs lower. It’s one of the few situations where you can save money twice, first on the windows themselves, and then on heating and cooling year round.

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