Do Different Home Window Styles Make any Difference?

double-hung-detailIf you are considering replacing the windows in your home than you may be wondering whether or not different home window styles make any difference. The short answer is that of course, they do! Decide what is most important to you: ease of cleaning, best match to your home’s architecture, good strong seals to keep your home cozy and warm, or ease of opening and closing just to name a few.

The experts at Wholesale Home Improvements, serving, all of metro Denver, can help you decide what is the best style for your needs. But if you’d like to understand a bit more about the different window styles that are available then read on to hear about the function of each one.

Double Hung and Single Hung Windows

Double and single hung windows
are virtually the same window style with one major difference. They both open up and down but on single hung the top sash does not move and on double hung both sashes can move, and can tilt out for easier cleaning. The main thing with these styles is that double hung is easier to clean so if you live in a dusty area that’s a good thing to keep in mind but if you’re putting single hung on the first floor that might not matter as much because you can get to the outside easy enough for cleaning.

Slider Windows

When the window is bigger sideways than it is tall, slider windows are a good choice. Like the name suggests, slider windows open by sliding the panes side to side. You can find 1-lite sliders where only one sash moves, 2-lite sliders where both sashes can move and 3-lite sliders which are good for large openings with a fixed picture window in the center and a slider on either side.

Casement, Awning, and Hopper Windows

casement1These three window types all have one pane of glass that simply opens. Casement windows have hinges on one side and open with a crank towards the outside. This type of window allows for maximum air flow into your home. Awning windows open the same way but from the bottom and swing upward and out. Finally, hopper windows simply open from the top down and swing inward.

Take special attention thinking about what you want in a window. As you can see some styles are easier to clean than others, while some offer better air flow. You should also consider the type of glass and the energy efficiency rating that you want.

Generally, the better the rating, the more expensive the window, but for some people, the savings on their energy bill or desire to protect the environment makes the extra investment worth it. Plus, with the myriad of colors, materials, and the fun, little detail add-ons we offer at Wholesale Home Improvements, you can customize and change the look of the windows, adding the perfect amount of character and style to your home.


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