What to Consider When Buying New Windows for Your Home

Windows are an important aspect of your Denver homeWhat to Consider When Buying New Windows for Your Home, providing both style and protection from the elements. However, with the many choices that are on the market today, it can feel a bit overwhelming to choose the right ones for you. That’s why Wholesale Home Improvements has created this overview of what to consider when buying new windows for your home.

New windows can change the look of your home considerably and give it the right touch of character or elegance, depending on the look you choose. Our team of professionals will be more than happy to answer any additional questions that you have. Read below to learn more. 


When it comes to what to consider when buying new windows for your home, your first decision is the type of material that you want to use. The options most commonly used are vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, and wood. Each has its own positives and negatives, and it may just come down to your own personal preference as well as the climate in which you live.

  • Vinyl is the materials used to build good, basic windows. The material is inexpensive, won’t rot, and comes in a variety of colors. However, it is not very durable when it comes to damage, and some people feel that it looks too artificial and cheap.
  • Aluminum is ideal for strength and durability, can be used in many climates and has a unique look. However, that look doesn’t fit with certain home styles, and aluminum is not the most energy efficient option when you live in Colorado.
  • Wood provides a classic, traditional look that can’t be fully replicated by other materials. The problem with wood is the maintenance. It will need to be occasionally repainted, is susceptible to termites and can eventually rot away.
  • Fiberglass windows are strong, durable, and provide decent insulation. Their frames can be either hollow or filled with foam insulation to help improve their efficiency. They will need to be repainted down the road as they’re prone to cracking and chipping. 

Energy Efficiency

In today’s world, what to consider when buying new windows for your home should include energy efficiency, not only for the pocketbook but also for being good stewards of the planet. Windows are traditionally the weak spot of your house where the heat comes in during the summer and drains away during the winter.

Watch for Energy Star ratings, consider at least double panes, and check out low-E coatings. All of these work together to improve the energy efficiency of the window considerably. 


Here’s where picking out new windows gets fun! Be creative and go for colors and styles that fit the character of your house and your sense of style. There is a myriad of window styles to choose from including bow, bay, awning, tilt and turn, sliding, and garden. Mix and match with the right colors to give your home just the right feel. If you’re not sure how to do it, our staff is always happy to help with design tips. That goes for everything that comes with picking out windows.

Here at Wholesale Home Improvements we’re experts in windows so that you don’t have to be. Let us guide you through what to consider when buying new windows for your home, wherever you live in the Denver metro area. Just tell us what factors are most important to you and the style that you want to create, and we’ll walk you through the rest. Call or contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.

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