Should You Choose Insulated Vinyl Siding

Should You Choose Insulated Vinyl SidingAt Wholesale Home Improvements in Denver, Colorado, we’re here to answer the question, should you choose insulated vinyl siding for your new or replacement siding. Vinyl siding, in general, is a great product and offers many advantages over other types of siding–not the least of which is versatility and cost effectiveness. However, you may be wondering if it is worth it to make the bump up to insulated vinyl siding instead.


So, what are the benefits of insulated vinyl siding? Let’s look at some of them, and hopefully, this information will help you decide should you choose insulated vinyl siding.

  • Higher energy efficiency

The main difference between insulated siding and regular vinyl is, of course, the insulation–which makes for better energy efficiency. Some homeowners prefer insulated siding based purely on this advantage. Sometimes you can even get some great tax credits by choosing this option!

  • Better impact-resistance

Again, due to the insulation, this can make the siding more durable and last a bit longer depending on your location.

  • Greater weather resistance

Often, the most intense beating your home will face comes from the weather and insulated siding has a marked advantage over traditional vinyl siding in its ability to stand up to the elements.

  • Greater ability to muffle sound

This is a great benefit if you live close to a busy street or some other area where there is a lot of outside noise. Having a quiet oasis inside your home can be just what the doctor ordered on a particularly stressful day.

  • Install over existing siding

In some cases, you won’t have to remove your existing siding to install insulated vinyl siding. This can save you a lot of money in removal and waste disposal fees.

  • Easy maintenance

Insulated vinyl siding is very easy to maintain, and if a section is damaged, it is easy to replace only that portion.

  • Color schemes

There are a huge variety of colors and styles you can choose from to create virtually any look you want. You can even simulate the classic look of wood siding without the extra cost or maintenance that traditionally comes with it.


While it’s a great product and comes with an impressive list of positives, it does have a few downsides to think through when deciding should you choose insulated vinyl siding. The majority of issues have to do with moisture. The siding must be installed correctly, or it is prone to moisture and mold problems. This is because the nature of insulated vinyl siding lowers its ventilation and ability to breathe. However, the good news is that virtually all issues with this siding can be avoided if installed by a knowledgeable team.

So, we hope that this information has been helpful in your decision about whether you should choose insulated vinyl siding. Of course, as we pointed out if you do go with this product you should always have it installed by professionals that know what they’re doing–like those here at Wholesale Home Improvements. Whether you’re going with insulated, traditional or any other siding product, we have over 25 years of know-how and many happy customers in the Denver metro area to back up our work.

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