What Are Casement Windows Used For?

If you are considering putting new windows on your home and you like the look of casement windows then you should be educating yourself on what casement windows are used for. Casement windows don’t just provide a little bit different style than the traditional window that you see on most of your neighbor’s homes but they also have their own function that makes them stand out a bit.

First of all, let’s make sure that you know what exactly is a casement window. This style of window opens on a hinge on the side, is usually taller than it is wide and swings outward. Right there, this design allows for maximum ventilation as the entire sash of the window opens to the outdoors and lets in copious amounts of fresh air. For this reason, this type of window is often used in hot climates to promote the maximum air flow possible into the home. The window pane itself even serves as a guide to help funnel the passing breeze directly in through the wide open window.

You might think that this style of window would be less sturdy in a windy area but actually the opposite is true. Air pressure from the wind causes the closed window to tighten up its seal and further increase the energy efficiency of the window. If the window is open and you are wanting to take advantage of those fresh puffs of air wafting by you don’t have to worry about the wind slamming the window shut. A crank, stay or friction hinge is used to maintain the window firmly in place even if there is a lot of wind.

Another great use for casement windows is in areas that are hard to reach, such as over the kitchen sink. To open the ever popular double hung window you generally have to reach up to the middle of the window in order to unlock it and begin to push it open. With a casement window, a convenient handle is positioned at hand height or at the bottom of the window and you must simply give it a few cranks and the window slides open easily. Just imagine how much easier that is than having to stretch and practically do a yoga routine to get your window open (or go find a chair to make yourself taller which can be dangerous if you slip and fall).

The basic idea of a casement window can be integrated into many different styles of windows to create variety and interest so you don’t have to settle for plain and boring windows if you don’t want to. Of course, so can traditional windows but now that you have seen some of the ways the casement windows are used you can decide which type you would prefer to have installed in your home. Remember, the right windows can add character and pizzazz to your home, save you money on your energy bill, and add dollars to the resale value of your home–if you choose them wisely. Wholesale Home Improvements can help you find the right windows for your home and business space in Denver and anywhere in the state of Colorado.

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