What Are Casement Windows Used For?

If you are considering putting new windows on your home and you like the look of casement windows then you should be educating yourself on what casement windows are used for. Casement windows don’t just provide a little bit different style than the traditional window that you see on most of your neighbor’s homes but…
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Egress Window Building Codes in Denver Colorado

If you are remodeling or having a new construction built in Denver, then it is very important that you are aware of the egress window building codes in effect in Denver, Colorado. Now of course, if you are using a reputable builder and a good window company like Wholesale Home Improvements then the expert workmen…
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Do Different Home Window Styles Make any Difference?

If you are considering replacing the windows in your home than you may be wondering whether or not different home window styles make any difference. The short answer is that of course, they do! Decide what is most important to you: ease of cleaning, best match to your home’s architecture, good strong seals to keep…
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